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At ARAM IYARKAI we serve you healthy living straight from the Tamil Nadu farms. Natural foodstuff procured by natural products from farmers across Tamil Nadu for people who walk the way for Nammalvar. We specialise in providing absolutely natural, unprocessed food that is absolutely healthy for your body. Our food is toxic free, chemical free and unadulterated which will take good care of your heart and your loved ones’.

What do we have to offer?

We have a wide range of products.

Be it Traditional rice for

your favourite Parappu sadam, natural oils, Millets or Dhal and Masala for Sambar, we’ve got you covered.

At Aram Iyarkai we offer you good choices, absolutely natural and fresh, right to your doorstep.

At ARAM IYARKAI we hope to serve natural foodstuff in every household. We aren't just a brand. We are a lifestyle, a way more thoughtful and healthier one than what is advertised these days.

The solution is in our roots, no really Think about the time earlier when food was grown in farms and brought in home fresh. Unadulterated and chemical free.

It’s time to bring into use all the Years of carrying forward our Traditional ways of farming. At the end of the day our traditions are the one that lead us to become the organic farmers we are today. We hope to grow in future along with thousands of healthy families with energetic parents and lively kids.

We are here to build a family, the one that directs you into good health with an increased lifetime which sure will be a spirited one.


We are available on various platforms.

To contact us call or WhatsApp on - +91 99620 49899

To get in touch mail on - aramiyarkai369@gmail.com

Let’s take a step, the right one, towards a happy and healthy life!!



aram iyarkai
aram iyarkai


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