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Unhealthy eating is a leading cause of death. In Fact, Unhealthy diet contributes to approximately 1,573,595 deaths in India each year due to poor diet and lack of nutrition- and obesity-related diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes Even after eating home cooked food, we are unable to reduce the death rate. Why? Well, It’s not about where the food is made, It is about what the food is made from.

Did You Know? Chemical foodstuffs can result in gastrointestinal symptoms, kidney damage, liver disease and even DNA damage!!
Adulterated food has been linked to various chronic diseases like liver disorder, diarrhoea, stomach disorder, lathyrism, cancer, vomiting, dysentery, joint pain and heart diseases!!
Adulteration in particular Oil can cause diseases like cancer, paralysis, allergy, liver damage, cardiac arrest and epidemic epidemic dropsy!!

Every day in the market we make choices, Healthy rice or instant food. If not always, at least MOST of the times we choose the earlier.
But is healthy food letting us down?
Is healthy food even healthy anymore?
We are unaware that even after being stated as healthy, various varieties of rice and other foodstuffs are made using artificial and adulterated grains.
This needs to stop.
How long are we going to let toxic food destroy us?
How is it that INDIA, “theland of farmers” eating wrong?
Well, Lack of awareness
Humans and nature are intertwined as a result we share our five elements. The secret to good health is in our way of living, in the nature that surrounds us.
Preventing the disease before it exists is way better than to cure them with medicines.
Medicines do not provide healthcare, It provides sick care.
Prevention is better than cure, especially when it is your health that is at stake.
Health needs to be a priority; good choices need to be made. But how? Where can we find absolutely natural foodstuff? How will we find natural oils and chemical free millets and rice?
Well, Your search ends here.

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Sugar cane ca c'est bon fishing praline King Cake canaille sauce piquante. Couillon envie make a roux trail ride hunting alligator fishing etoufee. Ta...
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aram iyarkai
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Sugar cane ca c'est bon fishing praline King Cake canaille sauce piquante. Couillon envie make a roux trail ride hunting alligator fishing etoufee. Ta...
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Aram Iyarkai is the pioneer of organic food in India since 1990. We are certified from ECOCERT. Choose from a curated range of Cereals, Organic & Natural Flours, Grains, Raw sugars, power packed snacks, Seeds, Nuts, Cold-pressed organic oils also used as cooking oils (edible oils), Organic pulses, Digestion friendly spices , Filter coffee, A2 Gir Cow Ghee, Natural Wild Forest Honey, Organic Jaggery (Gud) to complement your wellness lifestyle. We promote organic and natural foods which preserves the environment and provides wholesome nutrition. Organic food is produced without the use of artificial chemicals like pesticides, fertilizers. We encourage small farmers who do organic farming and provide the best quality organic and natural food across India at the best prices. Aram Iyarkai is considered India’s best brand for organic food by our customers. It’s a recognized and certified brand for organic food and groceries in India. Buy organic and natural food online with Aram Iyarkai.

1Where to buy Organic Staples Online?

Aram Iyarkai provides healthy options of organic staples that are free from chemicals. You can find a wide range of staples readily available on our website. With the growing need for healthy food, we make sure we leave no stone unturned in providing what’s best for your health and nutrition.

2 Which is the best Online Organic Grocery Store?

Seasonal food and local food is known to be better for health. Aram Iyarkai believes in providing fresh and the best quality food to its users. We guarantee iron-pounded spices, cold-pressed oils, chemical free grains, sustainable and local food, stone ground flours in our online grocery store across India with free shipping on orders above Rs.799/-. We believe in providing 24 hours shipping with efficient customer service. You demand, and we will provide. Work from home and Order online. Let us take care of you.

3What are the benefits of Organic Food?

Organic Food has higher nutritive value, free from chemical additives, sustainable. It’s natural, whole and unrefined and retains more nutrients than conventionally produced food. Not only is it free from the harmful effects of chemical pesticides and preservatives, it is also free from genetically modified organisms. With growing diseases and health concerns, people have opted for healthy eating through organic food. Organic food is suitable for elders, children, pregnant mothers. It helps the immune system to fight various diseases without the use of supplements. Organic food is preferred for the safe environment practices to keep it clean and suitable for everyone.

4 What is the difference between natural and organic food?

Organic foods are chemical-free, without any pesticides, without any fertilizers, No GMOs. They are certified and that's why called as Organic Foods. Our food products are ECOCERT certified products. Our Natural Foods are sourced organically and that's why they are wholesome, unrefined & unadulterated i.e. No artificial colors or flavors, No artificial preservatives.

5 How to boost your immunity?

Organic food helps in improving immunity and improves your health. Aram Iyarkai offers a wide range of immunity boosting products such as Moringa, Turmeric Powder, Spirulina, Gir Cow Ghee, Wild Forest Honey, Amla Powder, Herbal and Masala Tea. Each of these is packed with immunity building properties that help you to detoxify your body and thereby boost health. You can check out several Immunity Booster Foods